“The  Future Depends On What We Do In The Present” – Mahatma Gandhi.

At Ijayapi Rocks Football Club, whenever opportunity comes we don’t

procrastinate. Even though, we recognize and accept the fact that modern football is centered around children who are showing ultimate interests, we did not choose to venture into juvenile football at present, because of its high demands.

Unexpectedly, a divine opportunity presented itself, of course we do not have a choice, we have to accept our fate to start a promising  journey together with these wonderful kids. Obviously we understand the needs for juvenile football are so high, by His grace, God Almighty will increase our capacity to meet the demands

Moreover, We at Ijayapi Rocks Football Club Abuja, we are ready to give these amazing children “A HEALTHY START” in the world of football, no matter where they are born or the circumstances of their birth, as”FATE” has joined us together, we take the obligation to offer them a healthy start in total football.!

Here at Ijayapi Rocks Football Club, ethics and professionalism are not compromised, we have started doing the needful, we are having conversations and interfacing with parents and g

uidance toward a common goal. In other words, a healthy relationship has been esterblished between the management of Ijayapi Rocks Football Club and the parents. Full consent has been officially sought and given to develop and enhance the potentials of these promising kids. As well, to nurture them towards good value of life which will make them contribute positively to the society at large.

In conclusion, it is our pleasure to present to you, “Ijayapi Rocks Football Club Juvenile Football Programme – Age 7-15” They (The Children) choose to be called “The Junior Rocks”  As we commence this promising journey here at”Theater of Hope”, (Ijayapi Rocks Football Club, Abuja) with a healthy start, the future looks very bright and the sky remains our limit. May Almighty God keep us together, because together we can make it happen.

God bless you all

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